Saturday, February 27, 2016

Digby translates a Trump rant into plain English and good syntax

Digby in Trump the moderate Hullabaloo 02/27/2016 looks at one of the prospective Republican Presidential nominee's rants about violence and torture and puts it in clear terms for those who are confused, or want to be confused, and find it convenient to pretend to be confused:

Note how his mind works. In the good old days the police could crack some heads. Now they're too scared because of political correctness. We've becoming a frightened country afraid to "do the right thing" --- like torture people.

He flows very smoothly from police "taking care" of protesters to waterboarding in one long stream of consciousness rant. What do you suppose that means? And what do you suppose it means that his audience cheers wildly for it?

This is what they love about him, don't kid yourself. They don't know from "deals" with Mexico, they just thing they've been screwed and they think this guy will kick some foreigners' asses, inside this country and out. (And his paeans to police indicate that they wouldn't mind if he kicked some darker hued American asses either.) He's articulating their rage at all those people --- and promising to act on it.

When has Trump said he'd go after Wall Street? He promises to get rid of all environmental laws the way the hated Chinese do. (They come up with the idea and then start digging the next day! No environmental impact statements!) This is a guy who said that wages were going to have to go down. (He's since said he wants them to go up, but his first utterances are usually the real ones ...) On who's behalf is he arguing? Workers? Citizens? No, I'm going to guess it's corporations and business. [emphasis in original]
Digby is rightly skeptical of the sprouting claims that Trump is somehow an economic populist who will pursue some kind of liberal economic policies.

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