Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama is a Mauricio Macri fan

Here are a variety of articles covering President Obama's visit to Argentina:

Max Seitz, Argentina: ¿qué hizo Macri para que Obama lo visite a sólo 100 días de haber asumido? BBC Mundo 03/23./2016:

En sus primeros meses como presidente, Macri (un político pro empresa) ha intentado revertir prácticamente cada una de las políticas clave de sus predecesores de izquierda.

[In his first months as President, Macri (a pro-business politician) has tried to reverse practically every one of the key policies of his predecessors of the left.] (emphasis in original)
Macri, Obama and the shift in foreign policy Buenos Aires Herald 03/23/2016

Jeff Mason and Richard Lough, Obama praises Argentina's 'man in a hurry' Macri for reforms Reuters 03/23/2016:

In his first 100 days in office, Macri has distanced himself from South America's leftist bloc, old allies of former President Cristina Fernandez, and sought a thaw in relations with Western capitals as he seeks new investment in Latin America's No. 3 economy.

"I can tell you President Macri is a man in hurry," Obama told a joint news conference after the two leaders held talks.

"I'm impressed because he has moved rapidly on so many of the reforms that he promised, to create more sustainable and inclusive economic growth, to reconnect Argentina with the global economy and the world community," he said.

Macri offers Obama a new ally in South America, a region where a strong leftist bloc turned its back on Washington over the past decade but where public opinion is now shifting toward the political center as governments grapple with graft scandals and an economic slowdown.

"Argentina is re-assuming its traditional leadership role in the region and around the world," Obama said.
Obama is taking a very clear position for Macri's Herbert Hooverish, neoliberal, IMF/Washington Consensus economic policies, the kind that previously brought on the serious financial and economic crisis of 2001. And registering sharp disapproval of the Keynesian policies of the previous kirchrnista governments.
Autosatisfacción neoliberal Página/12 24.03.2016

The American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina said U.S. firms would invest $2.3 billion in Argentina over the next 18 months, including more than $100 million each from General Motors Co, Dow Chemical Co, AES Corp and Ford Motor Co.
Las mentiras de Obama sobre los 100 días de Macri en Argentina TeleSUR 23.03.2016

Peter Prengaman, US leader’s visit to Argentina stirs up painful past Buenos Aires Herald/AP 03/23/2016

Luciana Bertoia, Release of US files may shed light on terror era links Buenos Aires Herald 03/23/2016

Obama: 'Macri moved rapidly to reconnect Argentina with the global economy' Buenos Aires Herald 03/23/2016

Martín Granovsky, Otra vez el fin de la Historia Página/12 24.03.2016

Argentinos marcharon contra visita de Barack Obama TeleSUR 23.03.2016

George Chaya, Obama en Argentina, los temas en agenda InfoBAE 22.03.2016

Claudio Mardones, Con críticas a CFK y elogios a su sucesor, Obama se mete en la política interna argentina Tiempo Argentina 15.03.2016

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