Sunday, April 03, 2016

Extra anti-Lost Cause posts?

People following my Twitter or Google+ feeds may be wondering why blog posts from 2004 on Confederate "Heritage" Month keep popping up.

It's because I'm moving those posts from my original blog, which is still public on Blogger as AOL Journals 1st Old Hickory's Weblog to this one.

As the original title suggests, I started this blog in 2003 as an AOL blog. AOL later discontinued their blog function and we could select to move the old posts to Blogger. But since I had already created the Blogger version of Old Hickory's Weblog and started using it instead of the AOL version by then, I had to have the AOL conversion go to a different blog name.

I do have good memories of the AOL blog function. Blogging then was still a bit "techie," in that it required some more HTML and software skills than a lot of people like me were ready to take on to have a blog. AOL's service hired science-fiction author John Scalzi as their blog coach, who provided daily tips on how to blog, how to popularize your blog, blog etiquette, etc.

Scalzi has continued to build his impressive reputation as a science fiction writer. He also continues to blog at Whatever, his blog that he was already writing in the AOL days.

Back in those days, Scalzi also indulged in the occasional tirade against neo-Confederate nonsense, e.g., Another Confederate Smackdown 01/31/2005.