Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love me, I'm an independent

I'm determined not to post anything on Friday anywhere about the Sanders-Clinton contest.

So I'l post another couple of things here. There's another Nate Silver analysis, The Hidden Importance Of The Sanders Voter Five Thirty Eight 05/19/2016. It focuses an Bernie's appeal to independents.

Corey Robin writes (Was Carl Schmitt Right After All? 05/10/25016):

Since I came online, I’ve been involved in or watched a lot of fights and really bitter campaigns. Over Israel/Palestine, neoliberalism (not the recent tempest in a teacup but the great neoliberalism wars of 2011), Charlie Hebdo, campus speech codes, labor unions and Wisconsin (that was fun!), Occupy, Jacobinghazi, libertarianism. Not just fights where the obvious suspects lined up on the obvious sides but where friends took opposite positions or desperately (and unsuccessfully) tried to avoid taking a position at all—if for no other reason than to avoid alienating someone they cared about.

But nothing I’ve seen online (this is entirely impressionistic) has been as divisive, acrimonious, emotional, as the Clinton/Sanders race. Not just among partisans of the two candidates but also among leftists who reject the entire premise of this intra-Democratic contest.
At that was before the Democratic establishment - or should we just call them conservative Democrats? - decided that Bernie Sanders was operating death squads in Nevada. Or, death panels maybe?

And he takes another dig at the Clinton conservatives in Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, I’m a Leninist 05/19/2016. You're a naughty boy, Corey Robin.

The title is a takeoff on Phil Ochs' song Love me, I'm a liberal:

Cenk Uygur's update on the Sanders Death Panels story for 05/196/2016, Barbara Boxer: Bernie Supporters Made Me Fear For My Safety The Young Turks:

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