Monday, May 16, 2016

News links: Latin America

Limited blogging time today. So I'm going with links to a variety of stories on Latin American events.


‘Anti-layoffs’: FpV launches last-ditch bid to woo Massa Buenos Aires Herald 05/16/2016 The left-Peronist-led opposition is doing an impressive job of highlighting the conservative government's responsibility for rapidly rising unemployment. Sergio Massa, a rightwing Peronist leader who support's the government's neoliberal economic policies, is being pressured to join that opposition effort. Peronism is complicated.

Probe into Macri’s offshore firms takes new twist Buenos Aires Herald 05/16/2016. Argentine President Mauricio Macri is facing serious questions about his business dealings that showed up in the Panama Papers.

"Son 150 fojas con críticas al gobierno anterior" Página/12 16.05.2016. Former President Cristina Fernaández ios fighting transparently political legal charges brought against her by Judge Claudio Bonadio, a partisan of the current conservative government of Mauricio Macri. She seems to be winning.

José Natanson, editor of Le Monde Diplomatique Edición Cono Sur looks at the possible future development of kirchnerismo, the left-Peronist tendency represented by Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in El futuro del kirchnerismo Página/12 24.04.2016. Nicolás Damin offers another view in Mamushkas kirchneristas Anfibia 27.04.2016 (?); accessed 05/16/2016.

Natanson also looks at the conservative politicization of the judiciary that notably affects Brazil and Argentina in Populismo judicial Le Monde Diplomatique Edición Cono Sur May 2016; accessed 05/16/2016.

Mario Santuchy, entre la resistencia y la integración Crisis 03.04.2016


8 Latin American Countries Reject Coup Against Dilma Rousseff TeleSUR 16.05.2016. Those include Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Mauricio Macri's government in Argentina was openly approving. "Meanwhile, Colombia’s position was more ambiguous, saying in a statement that the country 'trusts in the preservation of democratic institutionality and stability.' The U.S. State Department was similarly vague, saying in a statement that the United States is 'confident that Brazilians will work through these difficult political questions democratically and in accordance with Brazil’s constitutional principles.'"

Cómo queda el mapa político de América Latina con el "impeachment" a Dilma Rousseff en Brasil
Leire Ventas
BBC Mundo 12.05.2016

Eduardo Aliverti, Los espejos Página/12 16.05.2016. Comparing legal mischief/pseudoscandals promoted by the now-ruling right wing in Brazil and similar tactics by the Macri government in Argentina.

Sean W. Burges, Revenge of the Right in Brazil? Canberra Times 05/13/2016

Marie Declercq, April 17, 2016: The Day of Men Brasil Wire 05/11/2016

Paul Prada, White male cabinet raises fears of backsliding in diverse Brazil Reuters 05/16/2016. Brazil has just begun a new nightmare of neoliberal governance after last week's successful "soft coup" against elected President Dilma Rousseff.

Rusia acusa a EE.UU. de aplicar nuevos actos de injerencia en América Latina TeleSUR 16.05.2016

Rusia califica de inaceptable la injerencia externa en Brasil TeleSUR 12.05.2016


Morales llama a defender la soberanía y dignidad de Bolivia TeleSUR 16.05.2016


Argentina pide colaboración a Colombia sobre imputados por caso AMIA Tiempo/EFE 16.05.2016

John Lindsay-Poland and Arlene Tickner, De- or Re-Militarization in Post Peace-Accord Colombia? NACLA 05/11/2016


Lugo se reunió con críticos del proceso contra Dilma Última hora 16.05.2016. Former President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo was removed from office in 2013 in a soft coup/institutional coup very similar to the one that occurred last week in Brazil.


Gerardo Reyes, DEA investiga grabación en la que se menciona a Keiko Fujimori en un presunto esquema de lavado de dinero 05/15/2016. Keiko Fujimori, the daughter and supporter of the still-imprisoned Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori is currently in a run-off election for Peru's Presidency. The vote is on June 5.

Peru presidential candidate to question alleged money laundering probe Yahoo! News/Reuters 05/16/2016


Gabriel Hetland, Around the Region: Chavismo in Crisis NACLA 05/13/2016

J. Luengo, Maduro: Convoco al próximo sábado a ejercicios militares para prepararnos para cualquier escenario Panorama 14.05.2016

Vea Gaceta | Oficializado Decreto de Estado de Excepción y Emergencia Económica Ultimas Noticias 16.05.2016

Leer más en:

Venezuela says better oil loans deal reached with China Reuters 05/16/2016. Petrostate Venezuela is struggling with the dire effects of low oil prices and facing intense internal and international opposition, not all of it democratic.

History articles:

Casey Schmitt, Early America in Español The Junto 05/16/2016

Kristen Block and Jenny Shaw, Subjects Without an Empire: The Irish in the Early Modern Caribbean Past and Present 210:1 (behind subscription)

Félix Luna, Los radicales y la "protesta armada respetable" de 1905 Yrigoyen (1985) El Historiador; accessed 05/16/2016

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