Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Corporate Democrat watch, October 25

Moyers and Company provide some quick-take Morning Reads for today. Including:

Politico has a story this morning that will raise liberal concern about one top progressive priority: Wall Street regulation. “A senior Democrat on Capitol Hill has been assuring bank lobbyists that former Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chair (and ex-Goldman Sachs exec and current Hillary Clinton campaign aide) Gary Gensler will probably not be getting a top spot in a potential Clinton administration,” Ben White and Andrew Hanna report. Though a fan of financial deregulation under Bill Clinton’s administration, Gensler proved to be an aggressive regulator in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, reining in the Wild West derivatives market that helped fuel the crisis. Assurances that Gensler won’t be in the administration is one of the mixed signals coming from the Clinton campaign that has progressives worried.
Cenk Uygur is cheering for Sen. Elizabeth Warren's stand against Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Shumer's proposal for a "tax holiday" on repatriated money to give corporations a giant tax giveaway, Elizabeth Warren: End Corporate Tax "Holidays" The Young Turks 10/24/2016:

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