Thursday, October 27, 2016

Funny if it weren't so sad: Mississippi Governor on "rigged" election

Mississippi's Gov. Phil Bryant says, like his Presidential candidate Trump, that the Presidential election is "rigged."

He says that so because "as we look at the states where the more liberal voting population may be in cities in New York and California and some of the other areas, all you have to do is win those particularly large states."

So, the election is rigged because ... the candidate who gets the most votes wins?

Or maybe he just discovered the Electoral College. Which has been with us since the Constitution was first ratified in 1788.

When someone is this lazy with a claim, it's usually because he's addressing an audience who's responding to familiar slogans without worrying about their content.

The Republicans simply don't recognize the legitimacy of elected Democratic Presidents. Gene Lyons writes in Trump’s ‘Celebrity Candidate 2016’ Will End — Even Without A Concession Speech National Memo 10/26/2016:

Large percentages of Texas Republicans also claim to believe that President Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim, climate change a Chinese-sponsored hoax, and a thousand similar absurdities. They’ve regarded every Democratic president since 1992 as illegitimate.

Did you know that the 2016 Texas GOP platform calls for quitting the United Nations, expelling its headquarters from the USA, and abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency?

But they haven’t gotten up off their Barca-loungers to do anything about it, and they’re not going to do anything but grumble this time either. These are essentially metaphysical complaints—political non-starters.
Chauncey DeVega observes in Let them stay on the Highway to Hell: Sorry, Donald Trump and his supporters do not deserve an “exit ramp” Salon 10/27/2016:

In American politics there is an expectation that the winner extend his or her hand to the loser in a gesture of cooperation and reconciliation. But what if the loser’s hand conceals a knife? To wit: Barack Obama won two presidential elections by substantial margins. In response, he was met with almost feverish opposition from Republicans who promised to block all of his policies. Hillary Clinton is poised to defeat Donald Trump by what has the potential to be a historic margin. Republicans such as John McCain have already promised to obstruct her presidency and will refuse to follow through on basic obligations of governance — such as allowing Clinton to nominate a replacement for a vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court. Politics in America have become increasingly dysfunctional in large part because the Democratic Party chases an extremist Republican Party farther to the Right in an effort to find ground for compromise and agreement. In this way, conservatives win by losing. This is contrary to the will of the vast majority of Americans who have rejected the policies offered by the Republican Party and Donald Trump across a range of issues.

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