Saturday, October 01, 2016

Republicans endorsing Hillary

Bob McElvaine makes a plea for undecided and even Republican voters to support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump on the basis of patriotic sentiment in Patriotism over partisanship Clarion-Ledger 10/01/2016. He lays great stress on the economic issues: "The truth is that what Trump proposes is a return to the policies — massive tax cuts for the richest and deregulation of the financial industry — that produced not only the 2008 collapse (which Trump cheered because he could make money off it) but also the Great Depression. The slogan for Trump’s trickle-down economics should be: 'Make America a Great Depression Again!'"

He cites endorsements of Hillary from traditional Republican newspapers like the Arizona Republic, the Dallas Morning News, and the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Bob doesn't mention this San Diego Tribune endorsement in the Clarion-Ledger column but he linked it on his Facebook page: Endorsement: Why Hillary Clinton is the safe choice for president 09/30/2016.

It's nice to see Hillary getting so many newspaper endorsements. But I can't say I'm thrilled by the reasons the San Diego Tribune gives for supporting her. Like: "As a U.S. senator, the Democrat showed she can collaborate with Republicans, using what Roll Call labeled an 'incremental approach' that 'could help restore a working relationship between the White House and Capitol Hill that has been in tatters' for years."

The only way that's going to happen is if Hillary wins the Presidency and mounts an unprecedented level of Democratic Party effort to beat the Republicans in House and Senate races in 2018. Until the elections take place and Republicans know they're electorally on the run at all levels, the Trumpified Republicans Party will keep up their obstructionism on domestic issues that we've seen the last eight years. Or should I say the Ross-Barnettified Republican Party?

Also: "Argentina is finally coming out of the chaos created by Cristina Kirchner and several of her predecessors. Trump could be our Chávez, our Kirchner." (!!!)


I wish we could have a 12-year run of solid Keynesian economics like Néstor and Christina Fernández de Kirchner brought to Argentina in 2003-2015. After decades of neoliberal/Angela Merkel/Washington Consensus economics, during the first 10 years of the Kirchner era Argentina had one of the healthiest growth rates in the world, higher even than China's. And the healthiest in Argentina's entire history.

he usual Bipartisan Wall Street drone, I will seriously injure myself doing backflips of joy. As for Trump being "our Kirchner," it's hard to imagine anything less possible. Cristina's successor, the "safe" oligarch Mauricio Macri who took over in December, has returned to the disastrous Merkelist policies of the 1990s, and the Argentine economy has been in a nose-dive ever since. With no prospect of returning to Kirchnerist levels of health under these policies.

Now, Trump could certainly be our Macri. Only he would probably be worse. And he would be in command of a nuclear arsenal. This graphic of Macri is more likely what a President Trump would be.

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