Monday, November 21, 2016

Did the Mean Libruls sink Hillary Clinton's campaign?

When I first read Rob Hoffman's How the Left Created Trump Politico 11/20/2016, it first struck me as a liberal-concern-troll piece. But it's often hard to tell the difference between that and a restatement of conservative propaganda truisms.

In either case, it's just one more statement about how terrible it is that Mean Libruls should criticize Real American conservatives. This one is in a triumphal mode, celebrating how the Mean Libruls are gonna git what they deserve now.

Hoffman, a freelance writer, thinks threatening to lynch journalists is kind of cute, "Regardless of the thuggish, misguided and inflammatory reaction of Trump supporters to media bias that has encouraged the donning of T-shirts reading “Tree. Rope. Journalist. (Some assembly required),” it’s not hard to empathize with their growing scorn for the media elite."

Gol-lee, I hope no Mean Libruls criticize him for that. I'm sure his tender fee-fees are easily hurt.

His column is a rant about how the Democrats lost badly with their Mean Librul talk.

Don't anybody tell Hoffman that the Mean Librul Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a clear margin. It would only confuse him.

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