Tuesday, November 22, 2016

More on the intersecting histories of the Trump and Macri families

Catherine Thompson gives some additional background on the Trump family's dealings with the Agrentine President Mauricio Macri and his family in Trump Drives The Crazy As Far Away As Argentina TPM 08/11/2016:

In August 1991, Mauricio Macri, the current president of Argentina, was thrown into a coffin and hauled off to a hideout by unknown assailants. For at least some of Macri's 12 days in captivity, his father suspected that Donald Trump was behind the disappearance.

... Now, to be clear, there's no evidence whatsoever that Trump directed or was involved in Mauricio Macri's kidnapping. And apparently Macri's father, Franco, only briefly entertained this "Trump theory." But clearly, the elder Macri's dealings with Trump in the arena of New York real estate left him with the impression that Trump could be treacherous enough to have ordered his son's kidnapping years after their business relationship ended.
She also writes, "It's true that Trump essentially ran Franco Macri, himself a construction and auto manufacturing tycoon, out of Manhattan in the early '80s."

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