Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump's transition team and immigration policy

Pilar Marrero is covering the immigration and deportation policies of the Trump Administration-in-the-making. In Ideólogo de la “auto deportación” hace parte del equipo de Trump La Opinión, she reports on the large role Kris Kobach, one of the xenophobes' heroes, plays in the Trump transition team.

Currently Secretary of State in Kansas, he has distinguished himself by his p[romotion of segregationist voter-suppression methods. Trump also made a point of identifying himself closely with anti-Latino xenophobes like Alabama Republican Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, thankfully defeated this week for re-election.

Kobach affirmed publicly this week that Trump intends to proceed with his famous wall, the only question being how fast and who will pay for it.

Not only will US-Mexico relations be very different under a Trump Administration. There will be some direct spillover affect from Trump's Mexico and deportation policies to how governments and electorates in the rest of Latin America view the United States. Trump ran on a campaign of blatant hostility to Latinos, Latino immigrants and to Mexico and Mexico in particular.

She cites this news report on California's own Secretary of State Alex Padilla's reaction to Kobach's role in the Trump transition: John Myers, California's top elections official calls Trump's choice for immigration advisor 'troubling' and a threat to minorities Los Angeles Times 11/10/2016. Padilla said, "Mr. Trump’s selection of Kris Kobach to the immigration transition team sends a deeply troubling message that telegraphs an imminent assault on our collective voting rights and civil rights."

Digby looks at Kobach along with a couple of other deplorables on Trump's transition team in What will the Trump administration look like? Our first clues are uniformly awful Salon 11/11/2016:

And when it comes to that all-important issue of immigration policy, Trump announced on Thursday that he had named Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and hard-core anti-immigration activist, to his transition team. Koback wrote State Bill 1070, the infamous Arizona “show me your papers” law, which was later overturned by the courts. He has been informally advising the campaign about immigration and was supposedly the one who convinced Trump how the government could find some way to make Mexico pay for the mythical border wall.

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