Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump Family Business Administration Foreign Policy, or, foreign policy of, by and for the oligarchs

Kurt Eichnwald has a new story out, How Donald Trump's Business Ties Are Already Jeopardizing U.S. Interests Newsweek 12/13/16, that focuses on the developing and highly problematic oligopolist style of conducting foreign policy under the Trump Family Business Administration that still doesn't take office for over a month. One excerpt, that is explained in more detail in the article:

Once again, follow the dominoes as they tip over. Erdogan is frustrated in his efforts to grab Gülen; Trump praises a Turkish executive who works with his business partner there, Dogan. A few weeks later, a senior Dogan executive is detained on threadbare allegations. If Erdogan’s government puts more pressure on the company that’s paying millions of dollars to Trump and his children, revenue flowing from the tower complex in Istanbul could be cut off. That means Erdogan has leverage with Trump, who will soon have the power to get Gülen extradited. The financier with contacts in the Turkish government explained the dynamic to Newsweek: “Erdogan has something he believes Trump wants, and Trump has someone Erdogan desperately wants.”
But the decisive thing is, will the Democrats make the most of their opportunities to use this against Trump and the Republicans? Like, for instance, by making it a central part of the hearings and floor debates over Trump's Cabinet of Deplorables nominees?

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