Monday, February 13, 2017

Demonstrations across Mexico on Sunday against Trump's and his wall

Demonstrations took place in various Mexican cities against Trump's anti-Mexico policies.

Melenio reports on the demonstrations in Marcha México contra Trump 02/13/2017

Mariana Atencio reports in Widespread Anti-Trump Protests Take Place Across Mexico NBC News 02/03/2017:

Wide-spread anti-Donald Trump demonstrations were held in 18 cities across Mexico on Sunday, marking the country's first such protests since the U.S. president's inauguration less than a month ago.

The principle behind them was simple: a show of national unity against Donald Trump.
But this made me do a double-take:

Some 70 organizations were involved in the rallies, including Amnesty International, Mexico's National University, business and community organizations and numerous young activists.

In Mexico City, 11,000 people marched along Reforma Avenue to the iconic Angel of Independence with banners that called the U.S. president "Twitler" and read, simply, "Stop Trump."
I don't know what size demonstrations one might typically expect in nationwide demonstrations in Mexico. But 11 thousand doesn't strike me at first glance as a large crowd for a Sunday for a national issue like this with broad public support.

Atencio does note, "However, some demonstrators choose not to protest after encountering those supporting President Enrique Peña Nieto, underlining ideological fractures inside the country between those who support the Mexican president and those who oppose him. Peña Nieto's approval ratings are the lowest they've been since he took office."

That was obviously a complication. Some of the demonstrators reportedly protested against both Trump and Peña Nieto. (Rosalía Vergaqra, Movilización anti-Trump, marcada por divisiones Proceso 12.02.2017)

El Universal reports that the number of demonstrators in Mexico City was closer to 20,000. (Marchan 20 mil contra Trump en laCDMX, estima la SSP 12.02.2017)

The Los Angeles Times report refers to the official city estimate of 20,000 in Mexico City, but adds, "The turnout was relatively modest in a city that regularly hosts massive demonstrations." (Patrick McDonnell, Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: 'Pay for your own wall!' 02/12/2017)

An analysis in Proceso (Marco Appel, Trump, México y la Unión Europea 13.02.2017) reports that Peña Nieto's government is trying to forge closer ties with the EU in the face of the new pressure from the US under Trump.

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