Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Xenophobia in Texas and, uh, threatening war with Mexico?

Trumpists in Texas seem to be enthusiastic about expelling Latino immigrants: Mike Ward, Abbott cuts funding to Travis County over 'sanctuary city' policy Houston Chronicle 02/012017.

Travis County's female Latino sheriff Mike Ward, Sally Hernández, is a particular target of the Texas Trumpists on this issue: Pilar Marrero, Gobernador de Texas en guerra contra los inmigrantes de su estado y contra Sheriff latina La Opinión 01.02.2017.

And, oh yeah, Trump threatened to go war with Mexico today: Dennis Slattery, Trump threatens to send troops to Mexico to stop ‘bad hombres’ in phone call with Mexican president New York Daily News 02/01/2017; Presidencia y la Casa Blanca desmienten versión sobre amenazas de Trump La Jornada 01.02.2017.

Both the White House and the Mexican President's office are denying the report, which originated with the AP.

The Guardian's report from David Agren contains a classic of understatement: "Talk of troops violating Mexican sovereignty stirs up strong emotions in Mexico, which lost half its territory – including California, Arizona and Nevada – in the Mexican-American war of the 1840s." ('Bad hombres': reports claim Trump threatened to send troops to Mexico 02/01/2017)

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