Thursday, March 02, 2017

Mass immigration and political repression

In at least one case in Jackson MS, it appears that ICE specifically went after an immigrant activist because she spoke out publicly against the Trump mass deportation: Daniela, la “dreamer’ que denunció el arresto de su padre y su hermano y fueron por ella La Opinión 03/02/2017

Daniela Vargas is a native Argentinian. Her parents brought her to the US when she was seven years old. She's a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, which I attended for my first year in college.

This is a wretched situation that Trump and ICE intend to make much, much worse.

The Trump Family Business Administration is using the specter of "criminal immigrants" to encourage support of his mass deportation.

Erika Andiola talks about Trump's plan to create an anti-immigrant propaganda operation in Trump Creates "Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement" The Real News 02/28/2017:

Robert Pollin discusses another aspect of anti-immigrant demagoguery in Trump's Big Lie: Blaming Undocumented Immigrants for Unemployment and Low Wages The Real News 02/28/2017:

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