Thursday, March 30, 2017

Seventysomethings against Trump

Polls are currently showing that 75-year-old Bernie Sanders, an Independent who describes himself as a democratic socialist, is the most popular politician in the country.

Popularity, as we know, can be a fickle thing. But Bernie's is well-earned. He's an effective spokesman for progressive and New Deal Democratic politics. And his strong primary campaign has made him respectable enough for mainstream outlets to invite him on as Democratic spokesman, not as the exotic outlier they considered him up even a year ago. Morning Joe interviewed him this week on various topics, in this segment the MSNBC YouTube channel title, California wages climate war against Trump 03/29/2017:

Chuck Todd interviewed California Gov. Jerry Brown a week ago on immigration and other subjects, including climate change, Full Brown Interview: 'Don't Mess With California' 03/23/2017

During that interview, he even throws the Bible at Trump, CA Gov Brown: Not ‘Christian’ to Build Wall to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants 03/26/2017:

Aljazeera reports on California's position against Trump climate change policies, California wages climate war against Trump 03/29/2017:

Jerry turns 79 on April 9. He and Bernie are demonstrating very dramatically that leaders can be politically relevant, and in a very progressive way, at 75 and 79.

Many of the younger leaders in the Democratic Party show follow their examples!

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