Saturday, May 13, 2017

Democrats coasting to 2018 victory, or just coasting?

We're now more than six months out from the Presidential election. Donald Trump is turning out to fulfill the worst expectations of him. Popular activism is surging. Even the controversial Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has now come into focus for many people who supported its major provisions but had a bad vibe about "Obamacare," now that the Republicans are making a serious effort to block millions of people from getting health insurance.

But the establishment Democrats have managed to hold on to control of the Democratic National Committee. And those same corporate Dems seem to think they can safely coast to a political resurgence in 2018 by repeating the the same general approach that over the last eight years has brought the party to an historic low point nationally.

Nina Turner, a well-known activist and former Ohio state senator who has an upcoming regular program on The Real News, talks to her new media organization on the topic Can Dems Learn From Their 2016 Mistakes If They Do Not Acknowledge Them? 05/13/2017:

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