Thursday, May 18, 2017

More on the Venezuelan crisis

Aljazeera English has a short new report, Growing fears over Venezuela’s deepening crisis 05/18/2017:

Also from Aljazeera English, The Stream - Byline: Venezuela 05/18/2017

Both those Aljazeera reports give a big emphasis to consumer product shortages, which are a real problem there right now. But this kind of report is also a kind to which affluent audiences in the US and Europe can easily relate. And, of course, be shocked by.

There is a text article that accompanies the video, Byline: Venezuela 05/18/2017.

The English-Pakistani author and journalist Tariq Ali gives a report that is sympathetic toward the Maduro government. This is from TeleSUR, a left-leaning channel funded by a consortium of left-leaning South American governments, including Venezuela's. He identifies himself as one of the "friends of the Bolivarian revolution." Global Empire - Crisis in Venezuela 05/17/2017:

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro says that Russia has agreed to provide 60,000 tons of wheat monthly to ease the shortages of foodstuffs that have been a major element in this crisis. (Maduro: “EE UU se quedó solo tratando de proponer una intervención en el país” AVN/Panorama 18.05.2017)

Maduro claimed that it was a "tremendous" diplomatic victory for Venezuela on Wednesday because the Security Council refused the Trump Administration appeal for UN intervention against the Venezuelan government. (Kambiz Foroohar, Haley Calls on Security Council to Focus on Venezuelan Crisis Bloomberg Politics 05/17/2017)

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