Thursday, June 15, 2017

Homeland Security guidelines for mass shooting situations

There was another mass shooting incident on Wednesday besides the attack on the Congressmen practicing baseball. It was in San Francisco, as reported here: Evan Sernoffsky, 3 people killed, gunman dead in shooting at UPS building in SF 06/14/2017.

The UC-San Francisco police sent out this notice to University employees after news of the shooting:

In addition to our institutional preparations, every individual should know what to do if there are reports of an active shooter nearby. The general guidance when a shooter is reported in your area is to “run, hide, fight.” For more specific information on how to respond to an active shooter scenario, please visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Active Shooter Preparedness ...
This is part of the Homeland Security Guidelines at the link:

Notice there's nothing there encouraging people to act out an NRA fantasy by carrying a loaded gun at all times everywhere and just start firing in the general direction of where you think a shooter might be.

Meanwhile, we have the New York Times giving this ludicrous spin, which the left and even the center-left can expect every time a half-decent chance presents itself to those inclined to do so: Yamiche Alcindor, Attack Tests Movement Sanders Founded 06/14/2017.

I'm with Gleen Greenwald on this one:

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