Friday, June 02, 2017

More Jerry Brown on climate change; also on the same subject, uh, Mike Lee?

I posted a PBS Newshour interview with California Gov. Jerry Brown yesterday on Trump's announcement on the Paris Accords. Jerry Brown was a leader on environmental protection when he was first Governor of California back in the 1970s. He's still is now at age 79. And is obviously very articulate, maybe more so than ever.

Ari Berman also interviewed Jerry while sitting in as host on The Rachel Maddow Show, California Set To Leave Donald Trump Behind On Climate Policy 06/01/2017:

Jerry describes Trump as the "null hypothesis" on climate change. He also characterizes one of the President's claims as a "junk fact."

For whatever reason, Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee, age 45, was on the PBS Newshour and on MSNBC's MTP Daily taking the anti-science, pro-Trump position. Comparing his appearance to Brown's is almost not fair. While Jerry talks real-world realities, Little Mike Lee just repeats climate-denier slogans. Here's his PBS outing, Sen. Mike Lee: President Trump put people before Paris agreement:

I almost felt embarrassed for him when he got to the part where he whines about the mean lady reporter pickin' on him. I think that's what people mean when they say that someone is acting like a WATB. (That's one of those Internet terms that I think derived originally from "whiny-ass titty baby."

And on MTP Daily with Chuck Todd, where Little Mike shows his stuff once again, Senator Mike Lee On Climate: We Don't Want Nations 'Lecturing' Us 06/01/2017:

Lee's talking your basic Bircher-like "free-market" lines. All progress on environmental protection in the US has come from "innovation" IN THE "free market economy," he says.

He repeats the Trump-Bannon slogan of "Pittsburgh before Paris." A somewhat unfortunate one, given that Pittsburgh voted something like 80% for Hillary Clinton last year.

He does come up with one that was new to me. He scolds environmentalist for using alarmist slogans about climate change, like claiming it will have "dogs and cats living together in the street." This is apparently a dire warning for Mike Lee. Although I've so far missed environmental alarmist making that particular warning.

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