Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Democrats and the imagined Maverick McCain

Chauncey DeVega makes a valuable point about how we need to understand the celebration of John McCain of a Bold Maverick by the Democratic Party, as well as the media. In John McCain is no maverick: The man who inflicted Sarah Palin on us kowtows to Trump Salon 07/26/2017, he reminds us that McCain is the single person most responsible for making Sarah Palin a national political figure. And that McCain has been fine with the transformation of his party into an authoritarian, Christianist entity willing to be led by a malicious Orange Clown: "McCain’s policies are mostly the party’s; the Republican Party’s policies are largely his."

And this is a critical point:

The Democratic Party’s failures are also exemplified by its relationship with John McCain.

Democrats and the so-called liberal media lionize and respect him, fawning over his superior character and declaring him a “maverick.” But on Tuesday, as many times in the past, McCain sided with his fellow Republicans and against the American people. Even as Democrats cheered McCain’s return to the Senate, it should be clear that he is no friend of theirs.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party continues to treat its enemies on the other side of the political aisle with respect and to hold out a pathetic expectation that bipartisan compromise and negotiation are possible. For years, the Democratic Party has been in a fight to the death with the Republican Party. Yet the Democrats keep bringing hugs and handshakes while the Republicans show up with knives and guns. Who will win in the end? The answer is obvious. The question is really just a formality.

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