Thursday, July 13, 2017

TeleSUR's reporting on Venezuela

Jacobin had a post last month about TeleSUR that essentially it's a propaganda operation of the Venezuelan government. "Critical voices used to appear as part of the conversation — set up, of course, against opponents with proper Bolivarian views — but they have all but disappeared." (Patrick Iber, The South Is Our North 05/19/2017)

Their Twitter account promoted it this weekend with a tweet:

I recently posted this report from Abby Martin's Empire Files program on TeleSUR, Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition 07/03/2017:

She has made this more recent report, Abby Martin in Venezuela - Supermarkets to Black Markets 07/11/2017:

The viewer can judge whether her reports ignore what the opposition is saying and doing.

She responded to Jacobin's piece in a tweet:

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