Friday, July 21, 2017

Yes, there is a Trump-Russia scandal and, yes, some Democrats are saying weird things about it

Some Democrats really are saying some fairly strange stuff in connection with the Trump-Russia scandal. Donna Brazile, for instance:

I agree with Jordan Chariton here that some of the Democrats' hype amounts to "neocon Russia hysteria," Donna Brazile Cashing In On Cold War Hysteria TYT Politics 07/21/2017:

Brazile tried to brush off Chariton last October when he pressed her about the leaked Clinton emails. She tried to duck the question by invoking Russia. Even though the Russian hackers may have been the ones to expose the emails via Wikileaks. But most of the stuff in them was at worst mildly embarrassing. And regardless of the source, I haven't seen anyone claiming that the content was doctored. So it always looked arrogant and disingenuous to just try to brush the questions off by using Russia-Russia-Russia. Jordan's NOT HAVING Donna Brazile's Russia Dodge! 10/19/2016:

There are plenty of things the Democrats can use to highlight what a problem the Trump-Russia scandal is. For instance: Josh Marshall, The President At War Talking Points Memo 07/21/2017. Something new and significant seems to be coming to light every day. If you're trying to highlight that, why insist on dubious connections or nonsense like labeling Putinists as "Communists."

Since I've been watching TYT Politics videos on the topic, here's one in which Nomiki Konst interviews Michael Isikoff on the notorious Don Jr./Veselnitskaya meeting.

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