Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trolling liberals for not mongering enough war against Venezuela

Bret Stephens is an über-hack conservative warmonger who the New York Times selected last year to grace their stable of op-ed writers. The Right Web's article on Stephens describes him this way:
Bret Stephens is a columnist for the New York Times who previously worked at the Wall Street Journal and the neoconservative flagship magazine Commentary. A promoter of aggressive “pro-Israel” U.S. foreign policies, Stephens also previously worked as editor of the rightist Jerusalem Post and has appeared frequently on Fox News. ...

Stephens advocates views that are largely in line with the foreign policy agenda espoused by neoconservatives, particularly with respect to U.S. Middle East policy. He often level harsh criticism at elected officials who espouse opposing views on Israel and the Middle East, including both Republicans and Democrats. ...

Stephens strongly opposed the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 world powers that resulted in a comprehensive nuclear agreement in July 2015.
Glenn Greenwald wrote about him in Listen to WSJ’s Bret Stephens Secretly Plot With “Pro-Israel” Evangelical Group Against Iran Deal The Intercept 06/30/2018, "Stephens, who previously served as editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post from 2002 to 2004 (where he anointed Paul Wolfowitz “Man of the (Jewish) Year”), is essentially a standard-issue neocon and warmonger."

Now in his Times column, he's trolling liberals for not promoting regime-change propaganda against Venezuela actively enough. (On Venezuela, Where Are Liberals? 02/15/2018)

As always, there's something that's always important to keep in mind when thinking about US policy toward Venezuela.

"Venezuela is Latin America's biggest exporter of crude oil and has the world's largest petroleum reserves." - Brian Ellsworth and Andrew Cawthorne, Venezuela death toll rises to 13 as protests flare Reuters 02/24/2014

"Venezuela claims the world’s largest proven reserves of petroleum, an estimated 298 billion barrels of oil." - Michael Klare, The Desperate Plight of Petro-States TomDispatch 05/26/2016

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