Monday, March 05, 2018

Democrats gearing up to win ... by surrendering in advance?

Charlie Pierce has the Democrats' number. And he also knows very well how the Establishment press functions. In Trump Is Coming Apart as the World Comes Apart Around Him 03/02/2018 he writes:

You can almost taste the flopsweat from the elite political media. They’re warming things up in case there really is a Democratic wave in the fall. Experience tells us that, if that happens, the elite political media will immediately engage the dampers on anything a Democratic majority might want to do that is in anyway Democratic or (horrors!) liberal. Expeditions to the Trumpish hinterlands will depart immediately. Appeals to “bipartisanship” will deafen the gods. This is what happened in 2006, when the country revolted against George W. Bush and his many crimes and failures. This is what will happen next fall, too.

You’re seeing it with the hilarious contortions of [the New York Times'] James Bennet regarding how he’s putting together his Opinion staff, and this obvious ratings extravaganza is another indication that all the old tracks are being set down again. In 2006, this phenomenon helped with the efforts to toss the Avignon Presidency [Cheney-Bush] down the memory hole so that people wouldn’t notice how it was the logical end to 30 years of conservative politics. It’s going to take even more of an effort to do that with this disaster. No wonder they’re starting early. [my emphasis]

Michael Tomasky looks at the prospect of big Democratic gains in the 2018 elections (The Blue Wave Is Real, and It Looks Really Big—Provided Democrats Don’t Block It Daily Beast 02/28/2018) Tomasky is a good analyst and always worth paying attention to. And he gives a good description of why the prospects for a Democratic "wave" are good.

But at the very end, he puts in the ritual preliminary surrender mantra of the Thanatosis Democrats:
If national Democratic money doesn’t deliver for Lamb for these reasons, that’s stupid and short-sighted. You want the Democrats to win 50 seats? Great. You know how many of those 50 are going to have to run as squishy on guns and anti-Pelosi? Surely half of them if not more. It’s the only path to a majority.

Democrats have a lot going for them this year. They just can’t let ideological purity get in the way. The time for determining the party’s ideological direction will be the presidential nomination battle. For now, the tent needs to be as wide as possible.
Things are going our way. So let's surrender in advance!

And the Democrats think all they need to do to recover from the massive losses in 2016 is ... blame the Russians!

Nothing the Russians could do would disadvantage the Democrats as much as their own compulsion to roll over and play dead.

Speaking of which, once again here's Democrats Vs. The Republican Hand, aka, Animals Playing Dead Supercute 10/28/2012:

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