Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hillary makes inspiration rhymes

The one tweet that I see on Hillary Clinton's official Twitter feed on the #MarchForOurLives protests is this:

It reminded me of this statement from Hillary to a Democratic group in early 2017, "Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country." (Corky Siemaszko, Hillary To Trump Foes: Keep Up 'Resistance And Persistence' NBC News 02/24/2017)

Nothing wrong with vague inspirational slogans. Even ones with corny rhymes. But they usually don't say a lot. But if slogans like Resistance Plus Persistence or Inspiration With Determination motivate some people to constructive political engagement, that's fine.

Here's the three-and-a-half minute of her Resistance Plus Persistence message from YouTube, Hillary Clinton urges Democrats to keep fighting The Democrats 02/24/2017:

Here's the country's currently most popular politicians on March For Our Lives 03/24/2018:

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