Saturday, April 21, 2018

Confederate "Hertitage" Month 2018, April 21: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis still have fans in Tennessee

The City of Memphis recently removed statues of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedfort Forrest from public parks. Because of state-level opposition, they resorted to selling the two parks involved to a nonprofit at a nominal price, and the non-profit removed them.

Now the Tennessee state legislature has retaliated by cutting $250,000 from an appropriation in retaliation: Alex Horton, Tennessee lawmakers punish Memphis for removing statue of Confederate and KKK leader Washington Post 04/18/2018.

Real-time neo-Confederacy.

The Young Turks reported on it in State Punishes City Over Racist Monuments 04/18/2018:

See also: Joel Ebert, Was the $250,000 for Memphis added so lawmakers could take it away? Debate swirls in the statehouse Tenneessean 04/20/2018

Chris Herrington, In punishing Memphis, state lawmakers embarrassed themselves Tennessean 04/18/2018

Tonyaa Weathersbee, Posturing to punish Memphis for removing statues was a page out of a plantation master's playbook Tennessean 04/18/2018

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