Monday, April 23, 2018

Democrats and the midterms

Alexander Burns reports on the conservative approach to the midterms that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Fearing Chaos, National Democrats Plunge Into Midterm Primary Fights New York Times 04/21/2018.

A better headline might have been " Fearing Progressives, National Democrats Scramble to Block Them in the Primaries."

Howie Klein riffs on the article in DCCC-- Tearing Up The California Democratic Party... With No One To Stop Them 04/23/2018:
The ideological battle within the Democratic Party is between the Democratic wing of the party (progressives and populists) and the Republican wing of the party (New Dems and Blue Dogs). The DCCC is part of the Republican wing and working hard to elect uber-corrupt former New Dem head, Joe Crowley, to lead the party after [House leader Nancy] Pelosi and [Democratic Whip Steny] Hoyer are gone.

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