Friday, April 13, 2018

Quick take on Joe Scarborough and what he idolizes

Joe Scarborough went on a tear today stressing about how people who weren't war heroes shouldn't criticize Robert Mueller's investigation. While he's trashing people who deserve to be trashed, having serving in the armed forces can't be and shouldn't be something that forever exempts public officials from criticism. for that matter, we need a lot more sensible criticism of our military establishment and its leadership. Joe: President Trump Sycophants Owe Robert Mueller, FBI And The US An Apology Morning Joe/MSNBC 04/13/2018:

Also, I've heard Scarborough say repeatedly now, as he does here, that Joseph Stalin was the worst mass murderer ever. Not a competition than anyone should want to be a part of. But Stalin-is-worse-than-Hitler is a hard right meme that always raises my skepticism. And not to wade into the depressing business of the body count, Scarborough says Stalin killed 40 million of his own people. I'm not an expert on the subject. But I'm pretty sure you only get to the 40 million number by counting every death in the Soviet Union from all causes during Stalin's time as head of the country.

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