Monday, May 21, 2018

Can Both Sides just agree on something about mass shooting in schools, ask a couple of TV pundits

Joe Scarborough and Nick Confessore on this Morning Zoo segment illustration the influence of the NRA, the gun lobby operating as a gun cult, has on the national discussion of mass murders in schools. We could call it "cultural hegemony," a decades-old left concept that more recently has been adopted by the alt-right. Although the hegemony here is less on the consciousness of the general public and more on the part of lawmakers, especially Republican ones, and elite journalist and TV talking heads.

Santa Fe High School Shooting: How To Find Common Ground On Gun Reform Morning Joe/MSNBC 05/21/2018:

Scarborough and Confessore wring their hands over what consensus agreement Both Sides in the gun-proliferation debate we might be able to get. Scarborough offers up the NRA standard of more attention to "mental health." Will you be surprised to hear that the segment fails to mention Republicans cutbacks in mental health programs?

To do away with the current level of small-arms proliferation in the US, there will first have to be a partisan demand by Democrats to oppose the pro-gun proliferation policy of the Republican Party that is in both financial and spiritual hock to the gun lobby.

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