Monday, June 04, 2018

They will never stop talking about it ...

Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, I mean. In this segment from today's Morning Joe, Miki grumps about Bill Clinton in a current interview responding to questions about the Lewinsky affair. This interview doesn't sound to me like he's ducking the issue, he engaged with the questions the reporter, Craig Melvin, was asked. Until it was obvious that that Melvin wasn't going to stop asking about it.

Miki seems to think anything less than permanently banning Bill Clinton from public life is insufficient punishment for him. Melvin seems to be outraged that Clinton didn't make a private apology to Monica. Even though the clip shows him very publicly apologized to her by name. And, of course, if he had spoken to her privately after the scandal, the media would still be drooling over it.

Mika: We've Been Waiting Decades For This Bill Clinton Interview 06/04/2018:

The scandal and Clinton's impeachment were two decades ago. But the national press got such a thrill out of it they keep going back to it at every opportunity.

For a reminder of how thoroughly Bill Clinton was investigated on the Lewinsky affair and other sex and sexual-assault allegations, Joe Conason's A ‘Reckoning’ For Bill Clinton? Don’t Forget Starr’s $70 Million Probe National Memo 11/17/2018.

I know I'm doing my own tiny bit to give extra visibility to these reports. But here is a Velshi & Ruhle clip on the same topic, Steve Kornacki: Bill Clinton’s Script On Lewinsky Hasn’t Changed 06/04/2018:

This, like the Morning Joe clip, is a weird flashback to 1998-2000. And, astonishingly, the reporting is just as bad

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