Saturday, December 31, 2011

Angie sums up the year

Angie's end-of-year speech (German), Merkel: Deutschland lebt von der Tatkraft der Menschen 31.12.2011:

She says that Europe came into the current crisis together, and they had to work together to get out of it. In Angiespeak, that means: "Ze inferior nations of ze EU must do vhat zhey are told! Ve have vays of making zis happen!!"

Reports on her speech: Merkel ruft Europäer zum Zusammenhalt auf Deutsche Welle 31.12.2011; Merkel Tells Nation She’ll ’Do Everything’ to Save Euro in 2012 Bloomberg Businessweek 12/31/2011.

Someone produced an entertaining summary (also in German) of the year with Angie and Nick ('Dinner for one' feat. Sarkozy und Merkel 12/28/2011; explained in English by Allan Hall, Nicolas Sarkozy becomes Angela Merkel's tipsy butler in YouTube satire Telegraph 12/31/2011):

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