Sunday, December 04, 2011

Another week, another round of euro-crises

The EU summit begins on Thursday, with the main action on Friday. It's likely to be an unpleasant week of EU drama.

Helmut Schmidt, who served as German Chancellor for the Social Democratic Party (SPD) 1974-82 and is now 92 years old, made a plea for European solidarity at the SPD Party Congress this weekend.

SPD-Parteitag.Schmidt warnt vor deutscher Kraftmeierei in Europa Spiegel Online 04.12.2011. He criticized the nationalistic, domineering posturing that has characterized recent German policy in the EU over the euro crisis. He warned that Germany risked diplomatic isolation with that approach.

It's astonishing that current Chancellor Angela Merkel has created such a state of affairs, seeking to manage the EU like Leonid Brezhnev once managed the Warsaw Pact. Astonishing and disgraceful.

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