Saturday, January 28, 2012

EU Commission reportedly rejecting Angie's Greek Post-Democracy 2.0 plan

Die Zeit is reporting that the European Commission is rejecting Angie's proposal to put Greece's budget under direct EU (i.e., German) control, with sovereign debt interest payments given first priority and Greece given no option to threaten default no matter the cost to the Greek people. (Griechenland soll souverän bleiben 28.01.2012)

Athens News reports the same opposition in Germany wants Greece to give up budget control - sources 28.01.2012. But it's not exactly a resounding rejection:

On Saturday, a European Commission representative, called on to comment on press reports referring to a document distributed at the Eurogroup, proposing that a senior eurozone official assumes control of the implementation of Greece's budget, told AMNA that "the executorial task must remain in the full jurisdiction of the Greek government, that is accountable to the country's citizens and bodies. This responsibility lies on the shoulders of the Greek government and must remain so".
This is the "ordo" in Angie "ordoliberal" doctrine. Corporations should be allowed to operate with maximum freedom from government restraint. But when their risks get them in trouble, as the European banks are now with sovereign debt, it's the job of a strong state to step in as the enforcer for the corporations for which the "free market" is failing to meet their expectations. For ordinary workers, not so much. Or not at all.

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