Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shakira at the Summit of the Americas (Cumbre de las Américas)

Cuba wasn't invited to the Summit of the Americas this weekend. But Shakira Mebarak was. She gave a talk in Spanish of roughly 20 minutes about her main social cause, early childhood education.

Discurso de Shakira en la Cumbre de las Américas 04/13/2012:

She also sang the Colombian national hymn there (Shakira canta Himno Nacional de Colombia YouTube date 04/14/2012):

In her speech, she explicitly endorses the concept advocated by management-theory guru Michael Porter of established "shared value" as the goal of corporations. (Creating Shared Value Harvard Business Review Jan 2011) It's scarcely a radical notion, but in Porter's version it explicitly rejects maximizing profits as a corporate goal.

So it's blasphemy against the contemporary theology of the Great God Free Market.

At around 2:55, the video shows one member of the audience who seems to be literally squirming at her statement on the need for more "social investment". She goes on to ask, "I ask myself, Why don't we take this immence opportunity that we have in our hands to fight poverty?"

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