Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obama and Medicare, the good and the bad

I like the drift of this. The more Obama defends Medicare, the harder it will be for him to cut Medicare benefits in a Grand Bargain during the lame duck Congressional session after the November election. Obama Rips Paul Ryan On Medicare TPMTV 08/15/2012:

The Young Turks yesterday presented a report on the $716 billion in savings on Medicare without reducing Medicare benefits that the Republican are calling Obama stealing from Medicare, The $700 billion question: How GOP spins Medicare reform as an added cost 08/14/2012.

They also report more on the Social Security issue, including on Obama's push for a Grand Bargain. This report looks at the proposals Obama has already made to actually cut benefits for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Obama Wants To Cut Medicare, Social Security? 08/14/2012:

This is on the false charge the Republicans are making about Obama's Medicare savings that are projected to come from the Affordable Care Act (ACA/"Obamacare"), Did Obama Cut Medicare? 08/14/2012:

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