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Cristina Fernández, the Kirchner brand of Peronism and "la década ganada"

This past weekend, May 25, Argentina celebrated the 203rd anniversary of the Revolución de Mayo (May Revolution). President Cristina Fernández gave a long speech at the Plaza de Mayo in front of the Presidential residence in Buenos Aires, the Casa Rosada. The occasion coincided with the beginning of kirchnerismo government, when Cristina late husband Néstor Kirchner became President on May 25, 2003.

Cristina's speech in notable for the way in which she positions her and Néstor's political project in the tradition of Argentine independence and of the Peronist movement. She looks with approval to the social achievements of the first Perón government, its defense of labor rights and income and the extension of the vote to women.

This is her speech (in Spanish), Cristina: "Es necesario empoderar a la sociedad de estas reformas y conquistas" TV Pública argentina 05/25/2013:

At around 50:00, she compares Argentina's economic progress since the crisis of 2001 to the current state of European countries like Italy, Spain and even Switzerland. in a play on the well-known phrase "the lost decade," which was famously applied to Japan and now looks more and more like an appropriate description of the post-2007 decade in the US and Europe, she described the kirchnerismo decade as "la década ganada," the decade won.

Página/12 reports on her speech here: Nicolás Lantos, "Quiero la unidad con memoria, verdad y justicia" 26.05.2013. He leads with this quote from her speech, "Yo quiero la unidad de todos los argentinos. Pero quiero la unidad con memoria, con verdad y con justicia, porque sin eso no hay unidad posible y la necesitamos." ("I want the unity of all Argentines. But I want unity with memory, with truth and with justice, because without that, unity isn't possible, and we need it".) Lantos explains that this was a response to a proposal by the governor of Córdoba province, José Manuel de la Sota (from Cristina's own Partido Justicialista), who recently suggested that the government stop prosecutions of criminals acting in service of the military dictatorship of 1976-83, in exchange for getting information about the fate of people kidnapped and disappeared, many of whose fates have not been definitively determined, though those still unaccounted for were essentially all murdered. Accountability, including legal accountability, for those crimes has been a signature cause of both Kirchers in their presidencies.

She says of the kirchnerismo project, "Que quede claro, éste no es un modelo económico. Este es un proyecto político con objetivos económicos, sociales y culturales." ("Let's be clear, this is not an economic model. It is a political project with economic, social and cultural objectives.")

And in a statement that Americans can pretty much only fantasize our politicians right now would even think of saying out loud, she said, "Dicen que la suba de salarios genera inflación, pero los precios no los ponen los trabajadores ni el Gobierno, sino los empresarios y los grandes monopolios." ("People say that the increase of salaries generates inflation, but the prices aren't set by the workers nor the government, but by the businesspeople and the big monopolies.") If Obama were to ever say anything like that, poor David Brooks would have a stroke.

Aljazeera English reports, Kirchners' 10-year rule stirs mixed feelings Aljazeera English 05/24/2013:

Other reports on the weekend anniversaries:

La militancia kirchnerista exhibió una capacidad de movilización sin precedentes Tiempo Argentino 26.05.2013

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Guido Braslavsky, Cristina: "A la década ganada queremos que siga otra más" Clarín 26.05.2013. Clarín generally gave good treatment to Néstor Kirchner but has been hostile to Cristina, who has put up obstacles to the large Clarín media group's expansion plans.

Santiago Fioriti, La Cámpora, protagonista del plan K para recuperar la calle Clarín 26.05.2013

Cristina Kirchner habló de "otra década más" para el modelo y negó un "fin de ciclo" La Nación 26.05.2013. La Nación, part of another Argentine media conglomerate, is the traditional newspaper of "the oligarchy" and therefore hostile to the Peronist party and to Néstor and Cristina.

Luego del acto masivo, el FPV ratificó el camino transitado en la "década ganada" Tiempo Argentino 27.05.2013

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