Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hollande's turn to the right in France

Eduardo Febbro writes about French President François Hollande's latest turn toward (even more!) neoliberal economic policies. Critican a Hollande su giro a la derecha Página/12 17.02.2014.

He accurately stresses that his policies since being elected in 2012 were very different from those on which he campaigned successfully. He ran as a critic of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's austerity programs. Almost from the moment he took office, he began to embrace them.

Febbro notes that the left of the French Socialist Party has little alternative to concluding "cambió de sendero para deambular con la biblia liberal en la mano derecha" ("changed from the path {on which he campaigned} to wander with the {neo}liberal Bible in his right hand."

It's not just Socialist Party activists who are disappointed with him. As Febbro notes, his popularity ratings are down at about 19%. He's a disaster for France, for the French Socialist Party and for Europe.

Hollande calls his current plan to cut back public services a "responsibility pact."

See also: Alexandria Sage, France's Hollande promises tax stability to foreign businesses Reuters 02/17/2014.

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