Friday, June 27, 2014

Not-bad news from the EU: Juncker nominated for EU Commission Presidency

The EU Council of heads of state has finally nominated Jean-Claude Juncker as the EU Commission President.

Here is a Euronews report, Jean-Claude Juncker nominated as EU Commission President 06/27/2014:

Since his party won a plurality in May's European Parliament elections, this is good news. Or at least, the news could be worse. How much of a hissy fit David Cameron and the British will pitch remains to be seen.

This BBC News report is very Britain-centric, EU backs Juncker to head Commission in blow to UK 06/27/2014. But the rebuke this represents to David Cameron's nationalistic posturing is an important part of this decision:

Prime Minister David Cameron called it "a serious mistake". "This is going to be a long, tough fight," he said.

He had pushed for a vote on Mr Juncker - breaking with tradition - and 26 out of 28 countries backed him.

Only Mr Cameron and Hungarian PM Viktor Orban voted against him. Mr Juncker is also likely to win a vote by Euro MPs.
Juncker's nomination still has to be approved by the European Parliament, a very likely outcome.

It certainly doesn't solve the basic problem of the "democratic deficit" in the EU, which Spiegel International's image of a few weeks ago defines so well:

But it would have made the "democratic deficit" worse if German Chancellor Angela Merkel had continued to join Cameron in blocking his nomination and they had succeeded.

Here's Cameron whining on the topic, Cameron: Juncker's election as Commission president is "profoundly wrong" EurAktiv

Here is BBC News' Profile: EU's Jean-Claude Juncker 06/24/2014.

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