Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Post-World Cup politics and propaganda

Business Insider seems to have the hots for the vulture funds that are trying to crash the world bond market over defaulted Argentine debt in cahoots with Nixon-appointed federal zombie judge Thomas Griesa.

But this is just dumb as dirt: Linette Lopez, Argentina's President Welcomed Her Country's Losing World Cup Team Home In The Coldest Way Imaginable 07/16/2014. Linette, if you lose your gig writing trash for Business Insider, you can probably go on wingnut welfare at the National Endowment for Democracy or some other neocon outfit that looks for foreign governments to destabilize for the convenience and profit of outfits like the ones the Nixon zombie judge is in bed with over the Argentine debt.

Luis Bruschtein reports the actual news from Argentine President Cristina Fernández in “Se gana cuando se juega en equipo” Página/12 15.07.2014. Thanks to that fool Nixon zombie judge Griesa, Argentina is looking at the real possibility of another default on its national debt in two weeks. To a frivolous twit like Linette Lopez, that's cause for FOX News-level dishonest snark.

But to the actual President of Argentina, it was an occasion to be sober in congratulating her country's second-place team and staging a welcoming event at the Ezeiza airport. She acknowledged, jokingly it seems to me, her own well-known lack of interest in soccer as a sport, while using the occasional to praise the exemplary teamwork of the players, holding it up as an example for national solidarity among Argentinians facing difficult national challenges and expressing her "immense pride" in the team and its performance. This is a Spanish-language news report on the reception, Visión 7 - Orgullo nacional por la Selección TV Pública argentina 15.07.2014:

Meanwhile, in Germany the World Cup winning team managed to show bad sportsmanship by being dickheads, singing a popular soccer song "So gehen die Gauchos" that may not be obnoxious in itself but presumably any sentient adult could understand in the context would look like they were denigrating the second-place Argentinian team. Here's a YouTube video of it, So gehen die Gauchos, die Gauchos, die gehen so. So gehen die Deutschen, die Deutschen, die gehen so 07/15/2014 (embedding not available on this one). The lines mean, "This is how the gauchos walk, this is how the Germans walk." This version has embedding available as of this writing, So gehen die Deutschen (Gauchos) 07/15/2014:

TV Pública argentina reports on the homecoming celebration in Germany, Visión 7 - Violencia y burlas en el festejo alemán 16.07.2014:

Maybe Linette Lopez would have been more impressed with Cristina's presentation if she had asked the team to stage a dance and sing, "This is how dumb the Germans are, the Germans are this dumb." But Lopez is just a hack.

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