Thursday, July 17, 2014

Biden @ Netroots Nation #NN14

Joe Biden on Thursday became the first sitting Vice President to address a Netroots Nation convention. Dick Cheney never showed up.

Given Biden's current position as a part of the Obama Administration and as a potential 2016 Presidential candidate, it's hard to judge the content of one of his speeches without referring to those two roles.

His speech Thursday was not one to say, Obama's program is great, so get out there and help the Party in the midterm elections ! This was a speech to say: If you want somebody to fight for progressive values, I'm your guy!

In fact, some of the Democratic candidates in Michigan will probably be dismayed that he didn't have more to say about the 2014 elections.

But Biden can give a real Democratic campaign speech when he puts his mind to it.

And he didn't promise Bipartisanship or talk about how important it is to "reach across the aisle".

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