Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quick takes on the Greece-Germany confrontation

Jamie Galbraith from a week ago, The great Greek hope Deutsche Welle 02/04/2015:

So far, Chancellor Merkel has made some of the mildest comments of any German politician. She has for instance said that she does not contemplate a debt write-down, but not that she will never consider debt relief. One may assume these words are chosen with care. Possibly she wishes to maintain enough flexibility so as to be able to strike a deal. Surely she understands that the choices she makes - very soon - will determine Europe's future.

Greece rejects Germany’s demands to “cancel anti-austerity promises” Keep Talking Greece 02/04/2015

European Parliament President Schulz: 'Greek Voters Should Be Realistic'; Interview by Nikolaus Blome and Christoph Schult Spiegel International 02/03/2015

Stefan Kaiser takes a superficial, if half-correct, looks at ECB head Mario Draghi's play against Greece last week in EZB-Entscheidung: Griechenland auf Crashkurs Spiegel Online 05.02.2015

George Georgiopoulos and Michelle Martin, Greek, German ministers clash as ECB snub hits Athens' banks Spiegel Online 02/05/2015

Tsipras dice que "Grecia ya no aceptará órdenes, y menos por e-mail" Reuter/E.P./Público 05.02.2015

Hollande califica de "legítima" la presión del BCE sobre Grecia EFE/Público 05.02.2015

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is a hit at home. (Alberto Sicilia, Miles de griegos salen a la calle… y corean a su Ministro de Finanzas
Publicado el 5 de febrero de 2015 Principia Marsupia/Público 05.02.2015

That kind of celebration for Varoufakis remeinds me of this:

Andrew Lainton, Varoufakis’s Jane Austen Solution to Escaping Austerity and Achieving Growth Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 02/04/2015

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Greece's rock-star finance minister Yanis Varoufakis defies ECB's drachma threats 02/03/2015

John Cassidy, Why Greece and Europe Can Still Reach a Deal New Yorker 02/05/2015

Martin Wolf, Greek debt and a default of statesmanship Financial Times 01/27/2015

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