Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Argentine President Cristina Fernández moves on with business despite the "Judicial Party"

Argentine President Cristina Fernández (CFK) just gave her final opening address of this Presidential term for the new term of the Argentine Congress. The Buenos Aires Herald reports ('Don't use AMIA for political point-scoring' 03/01/2015):

In an explosive last address to Congress, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner harshly questioned the political use of the AMIA bombing, blasted the “Judicial Party” for “parting away from the Constitution”, and assured she will not leave a country that submissively allows the new administration to modify the achievements she reviewed during her speech.
One of the new policy measures she announced was a proposal to re-nationalize the railroads, continuing her program of reversal and reconstruction from the decades of neoliberal policies that proceeded the crisis of 2001. (Stella Calloni, Cristina Fernández anuncia la nacionalización de los ferrocarriles La Journada 01.03.2015)

Cristina's "Judicial Party" construction is a good label for the public demonstrations of sitting judges that were clearly fronts for opposition efforts to unseat her even before the end of his Presidential term later this year.

(It strikes me that we have our own US version of the Judicial Party. See Bush v. Gore. And Citizens United.)

TV Pública argentina provides this extended video (3hrs. 46 mins.) of the opening session events, Visión 7 - Apertura de sesiones ordinarias: discurso de la Presidenta 01.03.2015

CFK: "El Partido Judicial se ha independizado de la Constitución" Página/12 01.03.2015:

CFK also addressed the legal charge that the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman brought against her, which were just resoundingly rejected by a judge as being too frivolous to pursue. INFOnews reports (“¿A qué Nisman le creo: al que presentó la denuncia o al que me felicitaba?” (""Which Nisman do I believe: the one who presented the charges or the one that congratulated me?") 01.03.2015).

One of the secretaries from Nisman's AMIA prosecutor's unit, Soledad Castro, has provided two documents signed by Nisman that contradicted the charge Nisman made against CFK that she was trying to cover up for Iranian suspects in the 1994 AMIA bombing. "El caso debería llamarse Nisman vs. Nisman" ("The case should have been called Nisman vs. Nisman"), Cristina said in her speech.

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