Thursday, March 05, 2015

Netanyahu and war with Iran

Reza Marashi and Trita Parsi writes of Bibi Netanyahu's Iran policy (Bibi's War Cry Rings Hollow in Congress The National Interest 03/03/2015):

Much pomp and circumstance has surrounded the Israeli prime minister’s trip to Washington, but the most important takeaway should now be clear: He is calling for zero uranium enrichment to be allowed on Iranian soil precisely because he knows that it is unachievable – and his real aim is to torpedo the negotiations and fast-track war.
Netanyahu's record has been one of continuous threat inflation over Iran:

Sources and credibility matter. Secretary of State Kerry said as much during his Senate testimony when he asserted that Netanyahu has been wrong about Obama’s Iran policy in the past. Israel’s prime minster condemned the interim nuclear deal with Iran when it was signed in November 2013, claiming “Iran got the deal of the century” and the P5+1 had made a historic mistake.” Later, he begrudgingly admitted that the interim deal helped rather than hurt Israeli interests. Looking ahead, such candor from the Obama administration will be vital to pushing back against opponents like Netanyahu who leak information, lack credibility, and act destructively.
The conclude by observing, "if you crave war like Netanyahu, it is peace that is an existential threat."

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