Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Buenos Aires Herald reports on the governmental transition in the Argentine Ministry of Culture (Moderates help ease gov’t handover 11/27/2015):

Philosopher Ricardo Forster, the Secretary of Strategic Coordination for National Thinking, yesterday expressed concern after the Let’s Change victory in Sunday’s runoff election and demanded that the next Culture minister Pablo Avelluto, not target former officials for their political allegiances.

Forster, a member of the pro-government group of intellectuals Carta Abierta, said Avelluto “was an open person,” expressing hope that “he would not lead a witch hunt at the Culture Ministry” now led by Teresa Parodi.

"There are lots of extraordinarily capable people there, and each one should be able to choose whether they contiune in their jobs," Forster concluded.

Earlier this week, Avelluto criticized Forster’s Strategic Coordination for National Thinking office, saying the department "was not relevant" and therefore suggesting it would cease to exist.

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