Saturday, July 16, 2016

David Neiwert on Trump populism

Dave Neiwert has a new article out on the Trump brand of populism and today's Republican Party, Trump and Right-Wing Populism: A Long Time Coming Political Research Associates Spring 2016 (accessed 07/15/2016).

However much he may appeal to some white working-class voters, Trump is no champion of the common man (much less women!),
"Although he presents himself as a truth-talking business conservative — having emerged largely from these ranks — Trump has transformed himself into a creature of the populist Hard Right, the movement to which he owes his electoral success."

Dave recounts the recent history of the on-going radicalization of the Republican Party. And he warns that it could continue even if Trump loses the election:

Even if Trump were to fade away after 2016 — something that is becoming an ever more unlikely event — those who support him will not, nor will their alternative universe shatter and fall. What they will become after the election will depend on how radicalized they are becoming during the election process, and on how the rest of society responds to the violence that emanates from their ranks. It will be a serious and significant challenge.

After all, the reality is that they have been around for a very long time — buried deep in the American psyche — and are now springing forth with renewed vigor, thanks to the encouragement that Trump is giving them.

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