Friday, November 18, 2016

More on Habermas' call for democratic polarization

Wolfgang Münchau (Habermas on the role of the left in the rise of the right Eurointelligence 11/18/2016) was also impressed with the argument made by the "Second Generation" Frankfurt School philosopher and German public intellectual Jürgen Habermas in an interview I posted about yesterday:

Jurgen Habermas has, in our view, nailed the issue of why we are seeing a rise of what he calls "the authoritarian international". It is fundamentally a political failure of the centre-left to look after the interests of its own constituents, and a failure to bring about effective global governance regimes to counter the rise of the global transactional financial capitalism.
The interview from which Münchau quotes is For A Democratic Polarisation: How To Pull The Ground From Under Right-Wing Populism Social Europe 11/17/2016. My comment on it is Habermas on the need for democratic polarization 11/17/2016.

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