Friday, January 27, 2017

Mexico says No to paying for the Trump Wall

Aljazeera's Inside Story looks at Trump's first week as President, Trump's first week at work: the report card 01/27/2017, which treats the new diplomatic confrontation with Mexico over the Trump Wall and the anti-immigrant policy as a major issue:

The President of Bolivia is appealing to Mexico to start "looking to the south more," i.e., building stronger cooperative alliances with Latin American countries to counter the new hostility from the United States. (Evo Morales llama a México a "mirar más al sur" y construir la unidad de AL La Jornada 27.01.2017; Ante amenazaas de Trump, Evo pide a México mirar al sur Milenio 26.01.2017)

Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto is taking a "Just Say No" approach to paying for the wall, apparently with near-unanimous political backing at home. (Daniel Venegas, Peña se reúne con legisladores para hablar sobre Trump Milenio 27.01.2017; Tiempo de unidad El Universal 27.01.2017; Empresarios respaldan a EPN tras cancelar reunión con Trump El Día 27.01.2017)

Mexico 'will not pay for US border wall'BBC News 01/26/2017

See also Mexico: Trump's wall tax would cost U.S. consumers Reuters 01/26/2017 (embedding not available at this writing).

The South American multilateral organization UNASUR has issued a statement against Trump's demand that Mexico pay for the wall. Even the neoliberal rightwing President of Brazil, Michel Temer, who has been a hardline supporter of Washington Consensus policies.

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