Friday, February 03, 2017

Friday in Trumpist xenophobia

Aljazeera's UpFront takes a look at how Muslim fundamentalists, and the Islamic State in particular, may use Trump's Muslim ban in propaganda, Is Trump's Muslim ban a gift to ISIL? 02/03/2017:

The latter half of the program has a discussion about Russian and Ukraine.

Deutsche Welle's Spanish channel's Quadriga also discusses the Trumpist immigration policy, Veto migratorio: ¿Fin de una sociedad abierta? 02/03/2017:

An attorney for the government said in court: Over 100,000 visas revoked, government lawyer says in Virginia court CNN 002/03/2017.

The ExxonMobil State Department said the number was less than 60,000. One might think that government attorney making a presentation in court might be more careful to give the correct numbers than the State Department. But with the Trump Family Business Administration, who knows?

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