Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Separating refugee kids from their parents on the southern US border

Mexican Chancellor Luis Vedegaray made an official statement of concern to the US government over the leak and/or trial balloon of a proposal to separate mothers caught crossing the US border without proper papers from any of their children they might be bringing in. (Angélica Mercado y Sivia Arellano, Preocupa a México que EU separe a madres de hijos: Vedgaray Milenio 07.03.2017)

The current government of President Peña Nieto is trying to avoid confrontational postures with the Trump Family Business Administration. But both the immigration and trade policies of the Trump family will make confrontations difficult to avoid.

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! discusses the latest version of the Muslim ban, This is Still a Muslim Ban: Trump's New Executive Order Decried for Discriminating Based on Religion 03/07/2017

Aljazeera's Empire Files reports on the new Muslim ban, Will Donald Trumps' travel bans serve any purpose? 03/07/2017:

The PBS Newshour presented these two reports on the new ban. Trump administration announces new travel ban 03/06/2017:

This second one features the notorious xenophobe and segregationist Kris Kobach, Is Trump’s revised travel ban constitutional? 03/07/2017:

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